what is queer faith?

QUEER FAITH: GROUNDED / A live storytelling event 

stories that remake faith

Queer Faith is a live storytelling event bringing queerness and faith together, bridging gaps between tradition and change, and celebrating faith found, lost, re-claimed, re-made in all kinds of creative ways and spaces. 

In a Queer Faith storytelling event, you will hear stories from people who connect to traditional religions and religious language, who carry pieces of traditional language but have significantly re-shaped the way they speak of the faith that grounds them, and you will hear stories from people who do not resonate with the traditional religious frames at all. 

There are a lot of self-identified queers in the Queer Faith audience and among the storytellers, but you don’t have to be queer to attend or tell a story. “Queer” here is used broadly, as in out-of-the-box, as in coming from a place somewhere outside of ‘normal’. Lots of straight people claim room in that space, especially when it comes to faith. 

The space QF makes is lighthearted and deep, poetic and scientific; it is full bodied and gentle. It’s a genuine space and playful. Over the course of the hour and half, a sense of connection emerges.

The audience is FANTASTICALLY supportive of the storytellers. And the storytellers are FANTASTICALLY brave, helping all of us to piece together and live more fully in our queer faith. 

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