Queer Faith

Begged, borrowed, and stolen, fabulous and fierce.



Queer Faith was an occasional evening of storytelling and community, focused on individuals’ experiences of queerness and faith, both broadly defined.

We are very grateful to everyone who told stories, and everyone who came to listen, as well as to the local businesses who were generous in their support.  In 2017 and 2018, we were privileged to help create spaces in Northampton, MA; Somerville, MA; and Providence, RI.  Prize donors included Jackson & Connor, Tony Shannon, LMT, Oh My! A Sensuality Shop, and River Valley Co-op.

While we are each pursuing other projects at this point, we hope that Queer Faith continues to make space for you to tell your stories.


Philip & Lindsey


Queer Faith created a supportive and fun space for people to come together and share their stories. The love and encouragement I felt from the audience made it ok to be vulnerable and real. You could feel the sense of community and camaraderie in the room from start to finish. It was a beautiful night of deep sharing and deep listening.


Speaking at the Queer Faith night was amazing…The audience was engaged and encouraging which made it easy to relax and just tell my story.