Every evening of Queer Faith is a collaboration.  We (Lindsey and Philip) collaborate with each other as co-hosts.  Storytellers collaborate with us.  The audience collaborates with the storytellers.  We collaborate with the audience.


And of course, there’s that underlying thing, collaborating with each of us, and among us.  What insight or connection will we be given tonight?  How will we be changed?


Who is Lindsey?

Lindsey is a writer, singer/songwriter, and erstwhile minister.  She has a podcast called The None & Some Project, which consists of one-on-one conversations about “how we know, how we are moved, and how we are drawn together.”


Who is Philip?

Philip is an Ohioan sojourning in Massachusetts.  A poet, essayist, and oral historian, he finds that everywhere has culture, and everyone has stories.